Sunday, 8 January 2012

P.A.D. Day 42

I feel like I''m getting better at this whole painting thing, which is good because it's been 42 days now and if there was no progress visible, I'd feel pretty discouraged.  The problem is that as I get better I was hoping that it would get quicker to paint.  In fact it's taking longer because as I get better I want to do more and realize that when there are points in the painting process where I feel like it's a total washout, it's just that I have more to do and I need to have patience with the time it takes to achieve the desired results.  I think s the end of this process I will still try to paint everyday, but I will certainly not be completing a canvas each time, they will most likely be bigger canvasses!

Homage to Monet, acrylic on canvas board, 9" x 12"

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