Friday, 15 June 2012

A Slew of Paintings

So here goes with a massive post to get us caught up to almost present day.  Yesterday I scanned the remaining paintings of the backlog and then went a painted for the day, of course leaving one painting unscanned.  and today I did not scan yet as I have just finished painting today's painting and it still needs to dry, but I am planning to post the rest here, now, computer permitting.  I will freely admit that this next bunch contains mostly some of my not favourite work, but I've come to terms with the fact that sometimes this project is just an exercise in getting over my fear of the blank canvas, and making the attempt, even if all I gain from it is the experience of painting.  To avoid  tedious repetitive typing on my part they are all acrylic on canvas board, mostly 8" x 10".  That being said, here we go:


Rolling Clouds

Night Lightning


I said earlier, "computer permitting".  Well there was one painting that didn't make it up here because the server consistently "rejected" it.  Ah well I will try again another time when I have more energy, but on the comforting side, it really wasn't one of my favourites and I can now hide it if I choose and honestly say "Well, I tried!"

G"night all.

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