Friday, 17 February 2012

Painting a Day 82

Do any of you have a three year old boy?  Yesterday my three year old son was having a very three-year-old-boy kind of day.  I had a flash in the midst of it that I seem to remember going through this before, but may have possibly blocked it out for reasons of mental self-preservation.  How long can a three year old scream about something in the face of absolute refusal to give in to him.  I have yet to find the upper limit I fear but an hour seems to be about average.

On a lighter note, St Anthony finally came through on the camera!  It was found last night in a guitar case that we hadn't opened since the week before Christmas.  I knew it would be found eventually!!  Thanks God.  It's really quite distressing at times to be cameraless with a 9 or 10 month old baby going through all the cute stages!

Curves, acrylic on canvas board, 12" x 12"

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